Candidradio Live Archive for Tuesday August 30, 2016

Show notes.

The music on the show is split up in to two segments.  The first two hours  of the show is music from 2000 through today and the last two hours is music from the 80's and 90's featuring rock, pop, alternative, dance, industrial, grunge, rap, and just about anything else.  On this show we talk about Flying over the coo coo's nest, Rude customer put in his place, Zman shares bad jokes,  Getting pulled over half a block from work, Chris Brown in trouble again, When moist is good and when it is bad,  Gene Wilder & Westerns,  Lighting and livestock,  someone tried to sneak that in to Walmart? and Weird things heard on the walkie talkies at Walmart, and much more
The link to listen is below. 
Zman & Littleflurry