It’s a Happy All the Time Dance Party Tomorrow Night on The Saturday Night Variety Show!

Hello Listeners,

I don’t know about you, but boy did this week seem to fly by quickly. Yep, it’s already Friday, and that means, tomorrow night from 10:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m. Eastern, I shall be returning, with another edition, of The Saturday Night Variety Show! On this week’s show, inspired by last Saturday morning’s edition of The Creative Collage with DJ Kelly, I am starting off the show by doing something very interesting. For those of you who weren’t tuned into Kelly’s Collage last week, she started out her show by playing John McCucheon’s song, The List, followed by all of the artists he named off in the song, and if he hinted at any song titles by any of those artists, those were the songs featured. Well we’ll be doing the exact same thing, only it will be with the title track from Nick Baker’s 2009 album, Happy All the Time, followed by a song from each artist he names off in the song, and if he hinted at a song title by any of those artists, obviously, those songs by those artists will be featured.


IMPORTANT! No requests will be played during this portion of the program, which at the moment, if you include talk beds and commercial breaks, I see this taking up approximately the first two hours of the show, as I’ve already created tomorrow night’s playlist, so I know approximately how long that’s going to take, assuming I use up my entire talk beds for voice breaks. We will have our two Compare the Differences within the last hour of the regular program, and any requests that I should receive, either from now until showtime, or during the program, will get played come the final hour, or possibly two hours of the program, should we go an extra hour again this week, so please do keep this in mind. Not to worry, all of the music featured within the first two hours is from the pop, R&B, soul, dance, and disco genres, if you’re falling asleep to what I have scheduled to play, then something’s obviously wrong with you!


If you wish to listen, please head on over to, click on Listen from the home page, and select your desired player.


To make requests or vote during Compare the Difference, please use the following contact details.


Skype: DJCelrock

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Telephone (no harassing calls please, had to deal with that last week, and I don’t wish to fool with that again, thank you): (413) 347-9306

Request Form:

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Hope to see you all there, for some music that will really make you feel, happy all the time, and as always, Happy Listening!



DJ Celrock