Join Zman for The Morning Rush Tomorrow Morning from 6-9 EDT

Hello everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend and can spend some of it with me on The Morning Rush tomorrow morning from 6 to 9 EDT on  I'm doing a three hour show as we have a funeral to attend Saturday morning so this week the show will be one hour shorter.  This week I'll talk about some new research in to the harmfulness of spanking, I'll swat down some myths about Tourette Syndrome, and is dressing up all fancy for church, wake, funeral, or even a wedding really that big of a deal.  Plus I'll have all of your favorite rock tracks from all over the rock spectrum.  From classic rock, to current rock, to hair bands, metal, and even some alternative and grunge.  So I hope you can put on the extra coffee and wake up with me tomorrow morning for The Morning Rush right here on Sky 106 Radio

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