Join Zman & LIttleflurry for Candidradio Live Tomorrow Night from 7-10 EDT

I would like to invite you, yes you they guy in the blue wig and green underwear along with everyone else to join Littleflurry and I for Candidradio Live tomorrow night right here on  Along with great music that came out in the  80's through music that  came out eighty minutes ago, we'll talk about important topics like is there really a right and wrong way to do certain things like eating cake along with other things people have argued about sense the first man put the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way and the first child dared to have the gall to squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle. (gasp the horror)  We'll have the latest on the aparent ISIS attacks this weekend in New York and New Jersy  and I'm sure there will be a funny Walmart story sometime during the show as well.  So please join the insanity tomorrow evening at 7 EDT right here on Sky106 Radio

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Note, this show may and probably will contain adult content,  Views and opinions shared may not be those of staff, management, or any member of the human race,  If you have breathing problems please be careful eating during the show as sudden laughter can be dangerous to your health.  Not that you will hewar any ting that might cause dangerous laughter but we had to say that just in case it ever were to happen.  
In all seriousness though,  We do hope you can tune in and enjoy the show