Candidradio Live 80s Movie & TV Special Wednesday at 7AM EDT

The 80's gave us some of the best movies ever made, and with them came some of the best music ever made.  So join Zman & Littleflurry as we play as much of that music as we can squeeze in to three hours at a special time. Wednesday morning at 7 Eastern right here on  We'll play music from movies and TV shows including: Footloose, Lost Boys, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, The Running Man, Officer and a Gentlemen, Tootsie, Goonies, Dukes of Hazard, Flashdance, and many many more. So grab the popcorn and the very large watered down soda and join us for some of the best movie music ever made.  And we promise not to kick you out if you sneak in your own snacks.