The Rockin’ Pop Party celebrates your nominees for “The 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” this week!

Hey folks,

I’d like to welcome you to join me tomorrow at 4:00pm Eastern for another amazing episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party! The atmosphere certainly has changed here in the studios, but shouldn’t stop me from putting on another unforgettable episode! So, if you’re not doing anything tomorrow afternoon, why not join me for three hours of great entertainment?

This week’s episode will peak the interest of any Rock and Roll lover out there! During the first two hours, I’ll have your favorite rock, pop and country favorites from the 1980’s all the way up through today, but we’ll be taking a look at your nominees for “The 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in particular. At the start of the second hour, it’ll be time once again for another “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” as usual. This week we’ll be taking a look Snow Patrol and Leona Lewis and a track that I didn’t even know was a cover! Finally, to wrap up the last hour, I’ll have your favorite oldies before 1980 during “The Rockin’ Hour in History” too. But, if you thought that was it, they’ll be more nominees in the last hour as well. All this, plus some room for requests is headed your way!

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