Our “Listen” page is now new and improved!

New ways to listen to Sky 106!

We wanted to quickly announce to you all that we now have a new and improved “Listen” page! What’s new about it? Not only can you see the last five tracks played, tune in with your favorite media player, listen through our embedded web player or our other alternative links, but we left five of our most popular apps where you can find us on! In fact, if you choose “TuneIn” it will play our stream straight from our station’s directory listing on TuneIn.com to make your life easier! All the apps mentioned are free and finding us is pretty straight forward! Just search “Sky 106” in any of the mentioned apps and we our stream should be listed in the search results for that respective app! We hope you enjoy this convenient alternative method to tuning in to Sky 106 and thank you for choosing us, as we’re the only station playing variety out of the clear blue sky!