A Special Fight Song Addition Of the Morning Rush This Saturday

With the 2016 election finally over you may be experiencing stress and anxiety over the future.  Well music can be a great way to help relive stress and anxiety so this Saturday Join me The Zman for a special fight song addition of The Morning Rush right here on www.sky106.net and yes, before you ask I will play the song that gave me the title of the show.   Actually credit Littleflurry for the name.  I'll have four hours of songs to help you release all those emotions you have been feeling by artists such as ACDC, R E M, The Eagles, The Heads, Bad Examples, Green Day, Extreme, and many many more.  so get some extra coffee ready, get those fists pumping, and get rid of some of that stress this Saturday morning on The Morning Rush with Zman at 6 EST right here on Sky106 Radio