It’s time for the mid-season finale of The Rockin’ Pop Party, The Rockin’ “Around the Christmas Tree” Pop Party!

Santa Claus with a Christmas Tree

It’s the most magical time of the year and that means it’s time for another magical mid-season finale of The Rockin’ Pop Party! Don’t miss The Rockin’ “Around the Christmas Tree” Pop Party, beginning tomorrow at 4:00pm Eastern, that’s 1:00pm Pacific and 9:00pm UK time, right here on Sky 106! And for the love of Mery, please bring your Christmas spirit!

Every year, The Rockin’ Pop Party plays your favorite holiday tunes for the entire show and takes your holiday requests as well! You’ll hear your holiday favorites from the 1980’s on up through today for the first two hours as usual. Then, during the “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” this week and the last one for 2016, ACDC will take on Halestorm with a Christmas classic. Last but not least, you’ll hear your favorite holiday oldies during “The Rockin’ Hour in History” to wrap up the final hour of the show and safely tuck it under that Christmas tree!

If you’d like to get in touch, make requests or just say hello to Geno J, the host of the show and this epic annual event, feel free to do so! You can do this privately with any of the details he gives out on-air or visit his personal website! Of course, you can always find any of his details, tune in, make requests and dedications or get involved with the show by going to Sky 106’s official website, located at as well! Oh, and don’t worry, we’re on all kinds of different radio apps like ‘ooTunes’, ‘Radium’, ‘Sero’ (formerly the ‘iBlink Radio’ app) and “TuneIn” or other apps for your communication device as well. Just click the “Listen” link on the website and get started! We hope you’re looking forward to the final episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party for 2016 and will show up for this most joyous event! Again, it all starts this Saturday at 4:00pm Eastern, exclusively on Sky 106, the only station where you’ll get the best variety out of the clear blue sky!