A Candidradio Live Valentines Special Monday At 5 PM EST

Happy Valentines everyone, Littleflurry and I want to help you celebrate a little differently than most other Valentines shows.  On most shows, you will hear only one type of music for Valentine's Day.  On one show you will hear all rock, another all country, another all sappy songs etc.  We thought it would be fun to play them all in one show that way you are almost guaranteed to hear a song you like and not have to search all over the internet radio dial to hear it.  So we invite you to join us Monday afternoon 5 PM EST until some very late hour for A Candidradio Live Valentine's Special.  Whether it is rock, pop, country, dance, alternative, sappy,  oldies, and is about love, sex, revenge, breaking up, being broken up with, lust, love lost, cheating, being caught cheating, catching someone else cheating, and even some comedy We'll play it starting at 5 PM EST Monday afternoon on www.sky106.net (The show may contain some adult content. Listener discretion is advised)