Afternoons are delightful with Geno J and The Rockin’ Pop Party!

Some of you may know, Awesome Abby won’t be here this Saturday to present Afternoon Delights, as she’s taking the week off, due to her Birthday, but I, Geno J will be and will present my show, The Rockin’ Pop Party as well, therefore being on air for a total of six hours! With that being said, you should join me at 1:00pm Eastern, bringing you six hours of music, interaction and even some fun games!

During Afternoon Delights, as I fill in for Awesome Abby at 1:00pm Eastern, we’re going to be a little loosey goosey! The show has really no direction and depends entirely on what you the listeners want to hear. However, we will pay tribute to the band, Boston, because the drummer of the band died Wednesday night doing what he loved, performing! It won’t all be morbid though, we’ll have some “Name that TV Theme” in the last hour and if you guess all the television themes correctly, you’ll win and get to co-host with me during my show, The Rockin’ Pop Party!

Then, at 4:00pm Eastern, I will indeed present The Rockin’ Pop Party as I normally do! We’ll have all the normal features as we do each and every other week, playing your favorite tunes, both old and new, and have all the friendly banter you’ve grown accustomed to too! This week, during “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” I’ll need need your help voting on either the original by Britney Spears or cover by the contender, I See Stars. The song in question is probably a forgotten one that you all haven’t heard in awhile. This of course happens at the top of the second hour. Of course, in the last hour, you’ll hear your favorite oldies during “The Rockin’ Hour in History” as well, including a rare triple shot (well sorta) that I’ll play toward the end!

If you’d like to get in touch, make requests or just say “hello” to me, feel free! You can do this privately with any of the details I give out on-air or visit my personal website. Of course, you can always find any of my details, tune in, make requests and dedications or get involved with the show by going to Sky 106’s official website, located at as well. Oh, and don’t worry, you can find Sky 106 on all kinds of different radio apps like ‘ooTunes’, ‘Radium’, ‘Sero’ (formerly the ‘iBlink Radio’ app) and “TuneIn” or other apps for your smart device as well. Just click the “Listen” link on the website and get started. I’m looking forward to this six hours we’ll have together and hope you are too! Again, it all starts this Saturday at 1:00pm Eastern, exclusively on Sky 106, the only station where you’ll get the best variety out of the clear blue sky!