We Remember The Great 80’s Movie Songs Tuesday At 7 PM EDT on Candidradio Live

Two of the best things about the 80's: Movies and music. and when the two were combined the result was amazing. Even horrible movies had great soundtracks. The 80s gave us the best movies and the best music to go along with them so this Tuesday on Candidradio Live on www.sky106.net at 7 PM EDT Littleflurry and Zman will relive those moments with some of the best movie soundtrack songs of the 80's. We'll have music from Footloose, Flashdance, Caddyshack, The Lost Boys, Desperately Seeking Susan (One of those horrible movies with a great soundtrack I referred to) Working Girl, Ruthless People, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters and yes Ghostbusters two and much more. Of course, your requests are encouraged. So we hope you will join us Tuesday Night at 7 EDT as we relive some of the Greatest movie music ever made, as we remember the best 80's movie songs this Tuesday on Candidradio Live on Sky 106