The Rock Vault with Brice Mull gets Kinky!

Hey folks, I'm super excited to be able to bring you this show. Today will be a show completely dedicated to The Kinks as well as Ray and Dave Davies on their own plus some other fun features you're not gonna want to miss! For four hours and fun and great music from one of the most legendary bands in rock n' roll history coming up from 1 pm to 5 pm eastern right here on Sky 106.


The MeyHem will be coming at ya!

That’s right!
Join Dj MusicMan for another dose of MeyHem as he plays your favorite songs, takes your requests, and so much more. He will even be talking about a new album being released on September 29th. Wanna know what it is? Tune in this Saturday evening starting at 7 PM and tell all your friends. Don’t forget that he’s also got the MeyHem after dark show where aall love songs and dedications are welcomed.

The Morning Rush Celebrates this Saturday’s scheduled Apocalypse

David Meade, a self-styled expert researcher, has claimed in a viral YouTube video (yeah, there is a source to take seriously) that Saturday is when apocalyptic events leading to the end of the world will begin.  So to celebrate the world as we know it coming to an end (again) I'll be playing songs about destruction, death, Hell, things ending, and of course apocalyptic songs.  So spend the last day of civilization (again) starting at 7 AM EDT this Saturday on The Morning Rush on  


Introducing A New Segment On The 80’s Flashback Starting This Wednesday

Starting this Wednesday on The 80's Flashback I'll be doing a segment called, "You Mean That Didn't Come Out In The 80's? in the third hour of the show.  I'll play a set of songs that many people think came out in the 80's but actually came out in the late 70's & early 90's. The segment debuts on The 80's Flashback this Wednesday. The show starts at 7 AM EDT on

Sky 106 is pleased to welcome Orinks to our growing family!

There’s a brand new show on the schedule and we want you to hear it first! Introducing Orinks and his new show, “The Multiplicity Vortex” every Sunday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm Eastern, immediately following “His Spirit Rocks” with Steph. Orinks, better known as Josh Tubbs, comes to us from New Jersey. His show consists of a wide variety of tunes including rock, alternative, hip hop, rap and indie sounds like synthwave, nerd rock, chiptunes and more! If you’re a fan of the unusual, you’ll definitely want to make some time to tune into this new show! We hope you give him a warm welcome and keep listening to Sky 106, the station that keeps giving you the best variety out of the clear blue sky!

Please welcome dj JC to the Sky 106 family!

We’re pleased to announce our newest DJ to the Sky 106 family! dj JC, known off the air as Justin Cunningham, comes to us from London, England and is quite good at what he does! Justin is a freelance producer/DJ and has been involved in internet radio for quite awhile. He’ll be bringing a show every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00pm to 6:00pm Eastern called JC’s Essential Mix, which consists of a lot of house, dance, techno and the charts of today and yesterday! If you get a chance to listen to his show, you’ll truly feel like your in a nightclub! With all that said, we do hope you give dj JC a warm welcome and tune into his show every week, starting next week!

Join Zman For The 80’s Flashback Starting Wednesday September 13th on Sky106 Radio

The 80's, the decade that gave us some of the greatest music ever recorded. from rock to pop, to rap, to alternative, to dance, to electronic, to country music to hair bands, there was some great music in the 80's even the so called "bad stuff" was good.  Starting this Wednesday, September 13th from 7 AM – 10 AM EDT exclusively on, I'll be playing it all, the good, the bad, and the, "why was that ever hit" songs   I'll play your favorites and rare tracks you have not heard in a long time. Plus I'll have 80's trivia, 80's stories, and where are they now segments to let you know what your favorite 80's artists are up to today, and lots of 80's theme shows.  You can also chat with me live during the show on the Sky106 Teamtalk server.  So I hope you will put on an extra pot of coffee and join me Wednesday mornings starting this Wednesday, September 13th from 7 AM  EDT – 10 AM EDT on Sky106 Radio