The Morning Rush Goes All 90’s Rock This Monday Morning at 8 EDT

Nope, that is not a misprint, The Morning Rush with Zman will be on Monday morning from 8 to Noon EDT on  this week.  Music from the decade that saw the end of hair metal (a very sad day in music), alternative rock hits the mainstream and the birth of grunge.  You'll hear music by Yes, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks, Warren, Styx, Nirvana, Oasis, The Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul, Cracker, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and more.  So I hope you can tune in for the Morning Rush at a special day and time. this Monday morning at 8 EDT on Sky106 Radio 

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Prince tribute this Saturday with DJ MusicMan

Hey all!
You may remember that on April 22nd, 2016, Prince Rogers Nelson passed away at the age of 57 years old. We are going to honor him once again in a tribute this Saturday. So all Prince requests are welcomed for the Musical MeyHem show. Even if you’ve never heard his music before, maybe this might bring new fans to his catalog. I hope you’ll join me starting at 7 PM eastern until 1 AM Eastern.
Dj MusicMan

80’s Movie And TV Songs The Sequel Tomorrow at PM EDT on Candidradio Live

Join Littleflurry & Zman tomorrow night at 7 EDT for more 80's TV and Movie songs on  We may even dip into the late 70's and early 90's  We'll have songs from The Breakfast Club, Romancing The Stone, Flashdance, Revenge Of the Nerds Part II Nerds In Paradice, Reality Bites, Convoy, and more. So we hope you can join us as we take you on a trip back to some of the greatest movie music ever made again this week tomorrow night at 7 EDT on Sky106 Radio

We Remember The Great 80’s Movie Songs Tuesday At 7 PM EDT on Candidradio Live

Two of the best things about the 80's: Movies and music. and when the two were combined the result was amazing. Even horrible movies had great soundtracks. The 80s gave us the best movies and the best music to go along with them so this Tuesday on Candidradio Live on at 7 PM EDT Littleflurry and Zman will relive those moments with some of the best movie soundtrack songs of the 80's. We'll have music from Footloose, Flashdance, Caddyshack, The Lost Boys, Desperately Seeking Susan (One of those horrible movies with a great soundtrack I referred to) Working Girl, Ruthless People, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters and yes Ghostbusters two and much more. Of course, your requests are encouraged. So we hope you will join us Tuesday Night at 7 EDT as we relive some of the Greatest movie music ever made, as we remember the best 80's movie songs this Tuesday on Candidradio Live on Sky 106

The Morning Rush Will Raise Some Hell This Easter Weekend Saturday Morning At 7 EDT

Join Zman for The Morning Rush on Saturday, April 15th as the Morning Rush goes straight to hell.  Was not able to do the show this week so it will happen Easter Weekend right here bright and early at 7 EDT on  I'll be playing songs that have to do with Hell, the devil, and evil in general. by the likes of Van Halen, Cliff Richard, Five Finger Death Punch, The Rolling Stones, ELO,  ACDC, Rob Zombie, Pat Benatar, Volbeat, and more  So grab your pitchforks, horns, and red capes and join me this coming Saturday morning as we raise a little Hell this Easter weekend. Right here on Sky106 Radio

The Morning Rush Is Going To HELL This Saturday

Join Zman this Saturday Morning at 7 EDT as he goes down under for this week's show, and he does not mean Australia.  Zman is talking a little farther down under, as in the land of fire and brimstone, the layer of lucifer, The place Meatloaf claims bats came out of twice.  I'm talking about hell.  And Zman will be spending three hours in Hell this week on The Morning Rush playing some of the best music about the place, also songs about evil in general and music about good old red cape and horns himself, The Devil. So grab a cup of coffee or at least something to sacrifice and join Zman for three hours of some hella good music (sorry I had to) Saturday morning at 7 EDT on The Morning Rush on Sky106

The Sweet Spot filled in by Silvia B

Hello Everyone,

Silvia B here. The Subject Says it all. Join me Tomorrow while I fill in for Sweet Stephanie doing The Sweet Spot while she enjoys the (ACM’s) Academy Country Music Awards. I will be playing all of this years nominees for the ACM’s. So Grab your beer and cowboy boots while you tune in to This Weeks Sweet Spot on
Starting at 10:00 PM-12:00 AM eastern only on sky106 where you get Variety out of the clear blue sky!

Mixed Nuts, A One-Off Variety Special

Hey folks, Brice Here. I will be deviating from my normal Rock Vault format and coming to you this sunday at 7 P.m. with a special entitled Mixed Nuts or in the words of Geno J "A Bag Of Dicks". We'll be going off the rails with some comedy as well as music from all over the spectrum. So for some fun and laughs join me tomorrow night on sky 106! Leave your sanity at the door please! You'll have more fun! You can contact me on twitter @rockoutloud11 See you then.

Our last show

Yes folks.
The subject says it all. We’re putting the musical MeyHem to rest after thirteen years. This is such a sad time for me and the crew but, we must move on. If you have any good bye requests, get them to me and I’ll see about playing them for you. This all starts at 7 PM eastern, 6 PM central Tomorrow evening. I hope you’ll join us for this heart breaking show. Oh, and by the way? If you’ve been reading this entire announcement with a somewhat stunned look of surprise and admiration on your face? Then April fools on you! We ain’t goin’ no ware!
DJ MusicMan